Branding, strategy, app and website.

Visual Medicine is a mindfulness and creative writing technique developed over the past 15 years by psychotherapist and artist, Suzette Clough.

The Brief

The original process involves experimenting with paint to allow images to 'paint themselves.' Visual Medicine approached ALSO to create an indelible brand. We delivered an app that allows users to connect with themselves and use creative writing as a form of therapy. We were also asked to produce an e-commerce website that allows users to purchase framed artwork.


The Approach

We developed a brand that is fearlessly simplistic, yet infinitely complicated. Its shape is as simple and honest as it possibly can be. It's a circle; a one-sided shape to reflect the idea of 'self'. Within that, there is all the complexity and possibility from just looking and thinking. It's the brand with a million logos. Each one surprising. Each one familiar.

ALSO-Agency-vm_brand guidelines-all.gif

The Result

We let the mesmeric images entice the users and stripped back the copy so the user experience became very intuitive.

How the App Works:
Come to the app with a question or desire. Shuffle the card deck and reveal an image and/or focusing word. These form the foundation of your therapeutic session. Then write in your journal what you see, feel and know.


From the Founder, Suzette Clough
The Visual Medicine app teaches you to think like an artist, leaving behind the restrictive and often self-critical reasoning of the left brain. Through using Visual Medicine you will intuit solutions, heal hurts, and even free yourself from deep-rooted patterns by combining the healing calm of meditation with the free flow of creativity.


The App




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